Certamen Machines



Quiz Wizard certamen machines are now available through NJCL.  
The Quiz Wizard is a buzzer machine that can be used to play classroom games or to prepare teams for Certamen competitions. This is the official machine used for NJCL Certamen rounds. It has a lockout feature that will indicate the top three players from different teams that have buzzed  in addition to offering another setting that indicates the three fastest players overall to buzz in regardless of team. 

Two versions will be available:

Three teams of four players, priced at $780.00 which includes shipping.

Four teams of four players, priced at $980.00 which includes shipping. 

ACL Members receive a 10% discount. 

Log in to your ACL account or create an account if you don't have one. 

N.B. : Production will take up to six months. 

For repairs, complete this Work Request. You will be contacted with instructions for shipping your machine. Additionally, ACL will send an invoice for $90.00 which includes return shipping. Once a diagnostic is run, you will also be billed for any required parts.

We also do a Certamen machine giveaway each year. You can find more information here.

Contact machine@njcl.org with any questions!