Convention Contests

During Convention NJCL members can participate in a variety of activities including the contests listed below.

Consult this docucument for contest leveling policies

Previous Convention Tests, Keys, and Results

  • Academic Contests - Academic Heptathlon, Academic Decathlon, Ancient Geography, Classical Art, Grammar, Greek Derivatives, Greek Life and Literature, Hellenic History, Latin Derivatives, Latin Literature, Mottoes, Abbreviations and Quotations, Mythology, Reading Comprehension, Roman History, Roman Life, Vocabulary
  • Certamen - Certamen is a game of fast recall of facts about classical civilizations and its peoples, languages, and cultures. The matches are supposed to be fun, competitive, and informative. There are two types of Certamen contests for NJCL students at Convention, Open Certamen and Competitive Certamen.
  • Creative Arts Contests - Dramatic Interpretation, Latin Oratory, English Oratory, Sight Latin Reading, Costume Contest, Slogan, Modern Myth, Essay.
  • Graphic Arts Contests - Drawing and Painting, Handicrafts, Cartoons, Greeting Cards, Photography, Charts, Maps, Illustrated Quotes, Scrapbooks.
  • Olympika and Ludi -Track, Basketball, Volleyball, Field, Soccer, Ultimate Frisbee, Swimming and Marathon.