Creative Writing

This contest is open to all registered members of the National Junior Classical League. The names of any winners in attendance at the convention will be announced, but it is NOT necessary to attend the NJCL convention to win.

All entries must:

  • be 900-1200 words in length. (Indicate the word count under the title; stories too long or too short will not be judged.
  • be typed and double-spaced.
  • have the title of the story and the page number on EACH page.
  • NOT have the student’s name on the pages of the story.
  • have a bibliography of any sources used in research.
  • be free of artwork or graphics.
  • be carefully proof-read.

The judging criteria are:

30% Creativity and originality (concept, imagination, ideas, entertainment value)
10% Quality of content (adherence to topic)
15% Historical accuracy (including bibliography worth 5%)
15% Organization, development and clarity (including length)
10% Style (word choice, vocabulary, sentence structure)
10% Mechanics (grammar, spelling, punctuation, capitalization)
10% Overall impression

Please see the current flyer below for more details.

2020 Contest Flyer (includes links to teacher instructions and student instructions)

Teachers: If your school or school district does not allow sharing of or access to documents via google from outside entities, then please have your students submit their entries to you in a word document. Then, you can upload those documents into a non-school restricted account. If you have any specific questions, please email Brandy Henricks-Marson at for more help.

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