What is the National Latin & Greek Honor Society?

  •  The National Latin & Greek Honor Society (NLGHS) is a special designation given to Junior Classical League students who have demonstrated outstanding academic achievement and citizenship in Latin or Greek class.

What are the requirements for inclusion in the National Latin & Greek Honor Society?

  • A student must maintain an A average for the current school year of Latin or Greek and must have good citizenship.  Teachers may also add additional criteria as well.

Does a student have to be a member of the NJCL to qualify for membership?

  • Yes, a student must be a member of their local JCL chapter.  Therefore, a student must also have paid any state dues as well as National dues in order to qualify for membership.

My student was a member of NLGHS last year.  Are they automatically a member this year, too?

  • No.  Each academic year is treated as a separate entity.  You must meet the criteria each year.  Students must meet the criteria each year.

Does a student have to be in a certain level of Latin/Greek or a certain grade level for induction in NLGHS?

  • The NJCL does not have any specific rules governing the level of Latin/Greek or grade level in which a student can be eligible for induction, however, a school or teacher may not choose to induct all students.  If teachers do not induct all students/all levels, for example NLGHS is reserved for Latin/Greek 3 and above or is only for juniors and seniors, it is our recommendation that they communicate this clearly with their student body to avoid unnecessary confusion.

What happens if a student is inducted into NLGHS?

  • Teachers should tell students that they have met the qualifications for induction into the NLGHS.  The teacher will receive NLGHS membership cards to distribute to students who have been inducted.  In addition, a teacher or school may plan a special ceremony to honor student achievements.  If you would like a sample script for a NLGHS induction ceremony, please email

How much does it cost to join the National Latin & Greek Honor Society?

  • Induction into the National Latin & Greek Honor Society costs $2.00 per student. ($2.50 if your teacher would like to have your name pre-printed on your membership card.)  There are other items that can be ordered at additional cost such as pins, patches, and cords.  Prices for these items vary and can be found on the National Latin & Greek Honor Society Order form in our online store. N.B.: Teachers can only access the Honor Society store once they have paid ACL and JCL dues. 

When can a school apply for the National Latin & Greek Honor Society?

  • NLGHS registration for the current school year will open on December 1.  The NJCL office asks that teachers not apply before that date.  The window will close on July 1.

My school holds language honor society inductions in the Fall.  Could we apply after the July 1st deadline?

  • Teachers should make every effort to apply between Dec 1 and July 1 for NLGHS membership.  A school may hold the induction ceremony at any time, however.

Why does induction in the National Latin & Greek Honor Society matter?

  • National Latin & Greek Honor Society induction matters because it shows prospective colleges and employers that a student values high academic achievement and has maintained proper citizenship.  Colleges especially value language honor society induction because they are eager to accept students who challenge themselves in meaningful courses and who succeed. 

Are their benefits to membership in the NLGHS?

  • Yes, in addition to making a student a more attractive candidate to colleges and prospective employers, graduating seniors, who were inducted into the National Latin & Greek Honor Society for their senior year of high school (and one other additional year), may apply for the Anne Covington National Latin & Greek Honor Society Scholarship.  Students who apply must plan to take at least one Classics course in college, and preference is given to those students who plan to teach Classics.  The scholarship is $2000 and is paid directly to the college or university of the recipient.

Can students who attend a homeschool or virtual program join the NLGHS?

  • Yes.  Homeschooled students may still join the National Latin & Greek Honor Society provided they meet all of the criteria and are members of their state JCL, if applicable, and the National JCL.

If a teacher/school is not able to participate in JCL events and therefore does not have a chapter, can students in that program still join the NLGHS?

  • Yes, consult to learn more about being a member-at-large.   We encourage students in this situation to ask their teacher to form a JCL chapter and we can help you in this regard.