NJCL Certamen Giveaway Program


Purpose of this program:

Each year, the NJCL awards a Certamen machine (aka Quiz Wizard) to schools who wish to practice and use a machine but lack the necessary funds to do so. The purpose of this program is to provide Certamen machines to schools that can demonstrate, attest to, or pledge the following:


  1. JCL chapter currently does not have such a machine to use at school for practices
  2. intent to use the machine for in-school JCL practices
  3. intent to use the machine for regional, area, and/or state JCL tournaments
  4. insufficient funds to purchase such a machine
  5. pledge to return the machine to NJCL if the school discontinues JCL participation

If chosen as a recipient in this program you will receive a Quiz Wizard II machine of the type used at NJCL Certamen competitions. This machine, valued at approximately $600.00, may also be purchased by other interested parties. Contact the NJCL Certamen Chair for details.

How to apply:

  1. Complete Certamen Machine Giveaway form
  2. When filling out the online application, if possible, write an explanation in the available area as to why you would like to be considered as a potential recipient for this program.
  3. Click to submit! You should receive a copy in your mailbox, and the Certamen Chair will receive one as well. Look for an announcement some time in the spring.