NJCL Website Contest

The NJCL Website Contest consists of two categories: local chapter web sites and state/provincial chapter web sites. Deadlines and judging criteria differ between state/provincial and local sites; the criteria are detailed below.

To aid in assessing the dynamic nature of the entries, sites may be evaluated multiple times during the judging period using the latest available versions of any of the following: Internet Explorer 9, 10, and 11, the latest version of Safari on iOS, the latest versions of Google Chrome on Mac OS X and Windows, and the latest version of Mozilla Firefox on Mac OS X and Windows. Webmasters should carefully consider the impact of incorporating browser-specific functionality into their sites.

Due to the nature of digital materials, it is easy to unintentionally commit copyright infringement. If the judges discover copyrighted materials reproduced without permission, that site will be disqualified from the competition. If you have received permission to use such materials, contact the NJCL Communications Coordinator for instructions on where to send the written permission of the copyright holder.

Website Contest Rules

Click here for the NJCL Website Contest Rubric

How to enter the State/Provincial and Local Chapter Site Contest: Entries for this contest will be accepted from September 1, until April 1. To enter, fill out THIS FORM as soon as your site is ready.

This contest is open to the official sites of chapters in good standing; therefore, each chapter is held to at most one entry. Websites must have been developed by JCL member(s) in good standing; however, sites may contain materials developed by previous webmasters.

There are two discrete areas in which state and local sites will be judged:

  1. Currency of information. To keep members informed and engaged, a web site should be frequently updated to cover recent events and provide information on upcoming activities. Each entry to the contest will be eligible to earn five (5) points per month for the months of September through March for a total of 35 points. Currency points for the month of September, for example, will be accepted from September 1 until October 1, at 11:59 PM EST. There is an extra 5 points for updating every month.

    A webmaster may enter the Website Contest without entering currency updates. However, if a webmaster DOES wish to earn currency points, Please fill out the appropriate Google Form linked above. This form submission should include a list of links or other descriptions pointing to the areas of the site that have been updated or added during the previous month.

  2. Site design and execution. The second facet of judging will take place during the months of April and May and will involve an in-depth examination of the site against various judging criteria as provided in the rubric below.

Points received according to the chart above and monthly points awarded for 'currency of information' will be added to determine final placement of the entries.

Any questions regarding this contest should be directed to the NJCL Communications Coordinator.