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Chapters of the National Junior Classical League are the core way that students are affiliated with NJCL. Chapters must be in good standing with both NJCL and their State JCL. Students must be members of a chapter, or a member at large, to participate in everything NJCL has to offer, including membership in the Honor Society, attendance at NJCL Convention, or eligibility to apply for a scholarship, just to name a few of the benefits.

A Chapter may be formed by a ACL Member (regular category, which is open to non-teachers) with 1 or more students who are taking or who have taken a classical language or a course in the classical humanities. NOTE: To register an NJCL Chapter your ACL Membership must be current.


In the event there is no NJCL Chapter, an individual member may become a member-at-large.  NOTE: If there is a chapter at the student's school, the student must join that chapter. Both options must also join the State JCL to be in good standing. Complete the MEMBER-AT-LARGE registration.

All NJCL chapters or members-at-large must affiliate with its state/provincial organization. For information about your state organization follow the appropriate link on the  STATE / PROVINCIAL PAGE.

Membership Dues

  • Students Dues: $3
  • Sponsor Dues: $70
    (ACL Membership)

Chapter dues are levied on a sliding scale depending on date of registration:

  • Chapters registering before December 1st pay no chapter fees
  • Chapters registering after December 1st but before April 1st pay $10
  • Chapters registering between April 1st and July 1st pay $20

NJCL Membership Relief Program 

The National Junior Classical League has created this grant program to help clubs pay for the memberships of students who do not have the means to pay for NJCL and State JCL membership.  It is essential that the NJCL and its programs are available for all students, and the first step to doing that is to ensure that all students have access to membership.

Complete this form to request funding.

Use this VERIFICATION SHEET to verify that:
·       The students you are applying for do not have the means to pay for NJCL and State JCL membership
·       Your school or school district will not supply funds for students to join the NJCL and State JCL

Once the verification sheet is completed, use this REQUEST FORM to answer a few more questions and to upload a pdf or jpg of the verification sheet. After the request form is submitted, a representative from the NJCL office will contact you regarding the next steps.