Sponsor Awards

The National Junior Classical League is a branch of the American Classical League dedicated to helping teachers enhance their work in the Latin and Greek classrooms. Open to middle and high school students studying the classics, it is one of the largest academic youth organizations in the world with over 50,000 members with approximately 1,200 chapters in almost every state in the nation and in several foreign countries. Since its beginning in 1936, it has provided teachers with colleagues ready to share their ideas and students with opportunities to show their talents in academics, graphic and performing arts, and even sports. It celebrates the accomplishments of both teachers and students and offers them the opportunity to make friends from all over who share a love of the classics and an appreciation of the debt of our own culture to classical antiquity. There is opportunity to excel from the privacy of home and school and at local, state, and national conventions. The goal is to make the study of Latin and Greek more exciting and vital for both teachers and their students. It is truly the embodiment of the ACL motto: Vestra Causa Tota Nostra Est.

NJCL OFFERS adults the following:

Miller Fellowships - are awarded to JCL sponsors who have either not attended a National Convention for five years or have never attended a National Convention and covers the cost of a registration packet. These awards have been made possible through a bequest of the family of Mrs. Rhea Miller, formerly of Albuquerque, New Mexico.

David Levy - established in 1980, is awarded in memory of David Levy of Michigan, who served the National Junior Classical League for many years including as National Chair from 1974 until 1979. This $1000 fellowship is awarded every other year (even years) to help a current JCL sponsor further develop teaching skills through workshops, advanced degrees, or summer study abroad. The sponsor must have been a member of the American Classical League for at least two years, including the year of the application. Use this link to submit recommendations.

Nancy Howell NJCL Convention Packet Award - established in 2012 by Joseph DeHarde to acknowledge the years of service and commitment by his teacher, Nancy Howell of Tennessee. This longevity award will cover the cost of the NJCL Convention for both the student applicant and their teacher. To apply, students must have attended at least 2 previous NJCL conventions and must be a graduating senior.

The Sherri Cox Convention Registration Award

Was created in honor of North Carolina teacher, Sherri Cox. One of the hallmarks of Magistra Cox's Latin program is her encouragement that her students compete in many different aspects of convention. She inspires her students to work hard, to try something new, and to strive for excellence. In this spirit, applicants for the Cox Convention Packet Award are required to enter four NJCL Convention contests in at least three of the five main categories.
Student Eligibility: any NJCL Member in good standing, 13 years or older by the time of Convention. The student recipient of this award will receive a free convention registration. 
Sponsor / Chaperone Eligibility: A sponsor or chaperone who demonstrates commitment to providing students with a positive and meaningful experience at the NJCL Convention will receive a free convention registration.  The recipient of the sponsor / chaperone award does not need to be associated in any way with the recipient of the student award described above.
To Apply:

Sponsor / Chaperone NJCL Student

NJCL Convention Registration Award

Was established by the 2005 NJCL officers to help a student attend the NJCL Convention. This scholarship, based on both need and merit, is awarded to one NJCL Convention delegate for the full cost of the convention packet. The Packet Award has enabled dedicated members of the organization who would not otherwise be able to attend convention to partake in this extraordinary event. This year, the NJCL officers invite deserving students across the country to apply.

Convention Packet Award Application   Convention Packet Award Recommendation Form

Summa Cum Laude - was established during the 1999-2000 academic year as a means to recognize those sponsors who continually give of themselves to further the goals of the Junior Classical League at both the state and national levels. This Summa Cum Laude award, which may be viewed as Master JCL Sponsor recognition, is a token of thanks from the national organization for all the effort that these people have put into JCL over the years.

Maxima Cum Laude - recognizes those JCL chaperones who continually give of themselves to further the goals of the Junior Classical League. This Cum Laude Award is a token of thanks from the National organization for all the effort that these people have put into JCL over the years

Elizabeth Watkins - has been established by Dr. Dwight G. Watkins in memory of his wife who taught Latin at Oak Hills High School in Ohio. The $500.00 award is to be used in any manner awardee chooses.

ACL Scholarships - are available to ACL members. These awards honor Glenn Knudsvig, Arthur McKinlay, Maureen O’Donnell, Ed Phinney. Awards range from $250 - $2500.

Recognition of adults who have contributed over the years to the NJCL Conventions. These awards are chosen by the NJCL Committee.

Mildred Sterling Award - This award was created in 1997 in the honor of Mildred Sterling, a Latin teacher from Waco, Texas. Ms. Sterling attended every NJCL Convention from the first one in 1954 all the way up through 1996, and she even attended the 1953 planning meeting for that first convention. The award honors those persons who have attended many NJCL Conventions and who have distinguished themselves with dedication to NJCL during their time here.

Ed Phinney Book Award - was created in 1989 and named after Ed Phinney, a Classics professor at the University of Massachusetts and a former President of the American Classical League. Dr. Phinney's contributions to classical studies and to the teaching of Latin and Greek were exemplary.