NJCL Local Publication Contest

The local publications contest encourages local chapters to create publications in order to promote awareness. Having a newsletter is an excellent way of keeping members informed about deadlines, fundraising, Certamen practices, or meetings. They can announce and publicize upcoming events to increase participation; after events, students can even write articles summarizing the activity and their reactions. Publications can also be distributed to parents, teachers, alumni, and curious strangers at community service events and publicity stunts. They can reach out to people outside the organization and publicize their activities with a wider circulation than word-of-mouth; they reach more people than talking alone. In addition to democratizing information and publicizing the classics and the JCL, a local publication is another opportunity for chapter members to collaborate. When students work together to produce a newsletter, they not only improve their club and learn the skills of writing and editing, but, on a more basic level, they cooperate for a common cause. By devoting their energy to an organization they care about, they understand the importance of teamwork.

If your chapter would like help starting or improving a JCL newsletter, please contact the NJCL Editor at editor@njcl.org and the NJCL Publications Chair at publications@njcl.org.

If your chapter would like to participate in the NJCL local publications contest this year, please follow the following steps:

  1. Make sure your newsletter meets the following criteria: it must be student produced, it must include the name of the chief editor, and there must be at least two different issues of any length.
  2. Email digital PDF copies of the issues to the NJCL Editor at editor@njcl.org and the NJCL Publications Chair at publications@njcl.org by June 1, or contact the NJCL Editor by email for a physical address for issues to be postmarked by June 1.
  3. Results will be announced at the NJCL Convention. (Rubric below)