Convention Registration Awards

Dennis Bartlow NJCL Convention Registration Award

Was established in 2013 in loving memory of our friend and mentor, Dennis Bartlow, who passed away May 21, 2013. Mr. Bartlow, an Indiana native, contributed to the organization on every level: serving as a national officer and advisor for the National Senior Classical League, a member of the NJCL National Committee, and state chair for the Indiana JCL. Although he wasn't a Latin teacher, he dedicated his life to the classics. Mr. Bartlow was a fixture of the organization, attending 51 conventions. This award will be given to a student to cover the cost of the year's NJCL Convention.

Dennis Bartlow Award Application  Dennis Bartlow Award Recommendation

Nancy Howell NJCL Convention Registration Award

Was established in 2012 by Joseph DeHarde to acknowledge the years of service and commitment by his teacher, Nancy Howell of Tennessee. This longevity award will cover the cost of the NJCL Convention for both the student applicant and their teacher. To apply, students must have attended at least 2 previous NJCL conventions and must be a graduating senior.

Nancy Howell Award Application


The Sherri Cox Convention Registration Award

Was created in honor of North Carolina teacher, Sherri Cox. One of the hallmarks of Magistra Cox's Latin program is her encouragement that her students compete in many different aspects of convention. She inspires her students to work hard, to try something new, and to strive for excellence. In this spirit, applicants for the Cox Convention Packet Award are required to enter four NJCL Convention contests in at least three of the five main categories.

Student Eligibility: any NJCL Member in good standing, 13 years or older by the time of Convention. The student recipient of this award will receive a free convention registration and up to $500 for travel expenses. 

Sponsor / Chaperone Eligibility: any sponsors of registered NJCL chapters or any adult chaperones of registered NJCL students attending the convention.  The sponsor / chaperone does not need to be affiliated with the student who wins the corresponding student award.  The sponsor / chaperone recipient of this award will receive a free convention registration and up to $500 for travel expenses.

To Apply:

Sponsor / Chaperone NJCL Student

NJCL Convention Registration Award

Was established by the 2005 NJCL officers to help a student attend the NJCL Convention. This scholarship, based on both need and merit, is awarded to one NJCL Convention delegate for the full cost of the convention packet. The Packet Award has enabled dedicated members of the organization who would not otherwise be able to attend convention to partake in this extraordinary event. This year, the NJCL officers invite deserving students across the country to apply.

Convention Packet Award Application   Convention Packet Award Recommendation Form

NJCL Representation and Access Convention Registration Award

In an effort to increase representation at and access to the National Junior Classical League Convention, the NJCL is proud to offer a Convention registration award for a student from a group that has been historically underrepresented in or underserved by the field of Classics.  Applicants only need to self-identify as a member of a group that they feel has been underrepresented or underserved by the field of Classics; how an applicant identifies is not required for the application, and personal information will be confidential unless permission is given by the applicant.

Representation and Access Award Application