NLVE Preparation

Vocabulary List Source Materials & Methodology

  • The NLVE will only ask questions related to the words on the official Latin vocabulary lists, which are located above.
  • The Latin ½ and Latin 1 lists contain those words which a student is most likely to encounter in any standard first-year Latin program.
  • The Latin 2 list contains those words which a student is mostly likely to encounter in a traditional Latin class that is preparing the student for Caesar or similar Classical authors.The list is based almost entirely on "Latin Vocabulary For The First Two Years" by Elmer Bogart, which is free from Google Books or may be downloaded HERE.
  • The Latin 3, 4, and 5+ lists are based almost entirely on "The Vocabulary Of High School Latin" by Gonzalez Lodge, which is based on the vocabulary of Caesar, Vergil, and Cicero, and is free from Google Books or may be downloaded HERE. Bold and numbered words in the book are used for level 3. Levels 4 and 5+ use all of the words contained in the book.
  • Generally, one may use the above source books to learn the dictionary entries for the vocabulary words on the lists. In the event that more information is needed, we suggest the Perseus Latin Dictionary (based on Lewis & Short and the Elementary Lewis & Short). The Oxford Latin Dictionary will also be considered a source.

NLVE Question Breakdown

70 questions (45 minutes)

Multiple Choice (4 choices)

Approximately one-third will relate to nouns; one-third will relate to verbs; the remaining third will address the other categories of vocabulary

Approximately 20 Easy; 35 Medium; 15 Difficult

Nouns - questions will test a knowledge of meanings, declension numbers, gender, and the nominative and genitive forms.
Verbs - questions will test a knowledge of meanings, conjugation numbers, and principal parts.

No knowledge of grammatical usage, derivatives, or other information is necessary. Only the most basic information will be asked.

The administered exams are specific to the level of Latin in which the student is currently enrolled. Results will only be based on a comparison to other students who are also in that level of Latin.

Awards will be divided into six levels: Latin ½, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5+. Note that the Latin 4 and 5+ exams will be identical since they cover the same vocabulary list, but the awards and results will be separate.