NJCL Latin Honor Society Scholarship

The NJCL Latin Honor Society sponsors the $2000 Anne B. Covington National Latin Honor Society Scholarship. This scholarship is awarded at the NJCL Convention to a student selected by the NJCL Scholarship Committee. To be eligible for this award, applicants do not have to attend the NJCL Convention; however, they must:

  • have been a member in good standing of the NJCL for at least three years
  • be a member of the NJCL Latin Honor Society for the current academic year and at least one preceding year
  • be planning to enter college in the upcoming academic year
  • have superior grades in school
  • write an essay on what honor and excellence mean

NLHS Scholarship Application NLHS Recommendation Link

Students must apply separately for this scholarship, but may, in addition, apply for the other scholarships awarded by NJCL.

Applications for each academic year are being accepted through June 15 of that year. An on-line application form is available after April 1st, or you may request one via the NJCL Office.