December Club of the Month


December Club of the Month Results

First Place, Stanton College Preparatory, Florida

  • Throughout the month Stanton JCLers participated in their own version of Operation Gratitude in thanking the teachers at Stanton, making over 100 cards. In considering the cold of winter they held their own sandwich drive after school making pb&j’s for Jacksonville’s homeless. The certamen teams got together to hold a bakeoff for several hours, with the final products being donated to the Clara White Mission. Later the whole club got together for Saturnalia where they decorated cookies to take to the local homeless shelter in addition to playing Saturnalia based gambling games and drinking hot coco. Finally, several Stanton JCLers utilized “Kahoot” to present as a part of “Taste of IB” in order to recruit new members for next year.

Second Place, Clearview Latin Club, New Jersey

  • During December, the Clearview Latin Club took on the enormous responsibility of replying to over 300 letters to Santa in just two weeks, playing a part in spreading the holiday cheer. Additionally, they collected over 100 toys for tots. Finally, they held their own Saturnalia party and even took a trip to the Clearview preschool to participate in the singing of Saturnalia songs.

Third Place, Miramonte High School, California

  • During December Miramonte High JCL made cards for soldiers. For Saturnalia, they had over 200 students present for their celebration which lasted over 3 hours. Finally, 30 or so JCLers participated in their Latin caroling tradition for several hours.

Third Place, Hume Fogg Academic High School, Tennessee

  • Hume Fogg JCL held their own Toys for Tots at their saturnalia celebration, collecting 16 toys. Additionally, during the month they made holiday cards to spread cheer in the local nursing home. They had over 40 people show up to their Saturnalia party!

Third Place, Riverside High School, North Carolina

  • Riverside JCL put together their own dog toy project during the month of December, making over 70 toys during and after class out of old Tshirts. Throughout the month they held weekly certamen and meetings. Finally, they held their own Saturnalia Party featuring their dirty santa game.

Honorable mention

  • Upper Dublin High School, Pennsylvania
    Upper Dublin JCL held their own Saturnalia party but invited schools from throughout the state, with nearly half of the 70 attendees from other Pennsylvania JCLs.

  • Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology, Virginia
    Thomas Jefferson JCL notably began tutoring the Holmes Latin club, working to help the JCL to survive at the local middle school. They also celebrated Saturnalia!